Wednesday, January 8, 2014

i always blog come january.

Could it really be? an actual blog post?! indeed it is my friends. As always, when January rolls around I try to pick up the pace on my blogging and then it usually fades away come summer. Once fall hits everything always gets so busy and so blogging becomes less of a priority and resting or doing something else a bit more productive feeling at the time becomes more important.

I would love to rewind on where we left off and maybe some day in the next few months I'll blog in just pictures but unless i go pull out my planner and scan through my photo stream I have no idea where to begin. ;) In a nutshell, in august we discovered we were pregnant again, once again a surprise, and once again i was sicker than a dog (do dogs really get that sick?) for the first 15-16 weeks. For those weeks my days were filled with my head in a toilet, my body yearning for the bed, all the while my two under two who are at home with me everyday, all day, pulling at every last ounce of life that I had to offer on a daily basis. We watched a lot of tv and ate more fast food than I care to even think about. Thankfully these boys are back to drinking their carrot juice, eating brownies filled with spinach and learning their ABC's. ;) For the third time around, the first trimester not only brought its ugly all day sickness it brought its depressive state along with it. It was hard announcing my pregnancy knowing how awful and sick I was... i didnt have any "good days", every day I was sick, every hour of every day. I threw up almost everything I ate and drank, including water...mostly water.  I survived on zaxbys chicken (which makes me kinda vomit a little now just thinking about it) that danny would bring home at 10 most nights. And like the start of each pregnancy I vowed saying "this is it, we're done having kids, i cant do it anymore."

And then we had the gender sonogram ;) And once again, for the third time around, a part of me knew it was a boy while the other part of me hoped for a girl.  Everyone around us was certain we were having a girl, but the second the tech put that cold tool on my gel covered tummy and i saw the smirk on her face... i knew. Another boy. I laughed, she laughed. I laid on the table just staring at the screen yet somewhat in shock, holding on to the fact that maybe that little penis was just the umbilical cord. It wasn't. Like my other two, that penis was as clear as can be on that screen. The sweet tech went on with her routine telling me all about the baby and its size and blah, blah, blah and all I heard was charlie brown's mom talking with the words "another boy" ringing in my head.

So fast forward and here we are due towards the end of April/beginning of May with our third little boy. Hudson will be 3, and Hampton will turn 2 at the end of May. We haven't decided on a name, though I have some that Ive always had on my list like Lincoln, Boston, Palmer and George (that last one has been on danny's list, i take no credit) but for the most part nothing set in stone. So suggestions are welcome! The two older boys will start sharing a room here soon, once we get Hudson another crib, yes I know he is three, but the crib he will stay. This momma has no time, patience or energy to be taking that child back and forth to his room on those days/nights he feels like testing us. Hudson is excited about Hampton sleeping in his room so hopefully that goes over well.

And Now that i'm feeling ten times better, I am really excited about baby number 3 and I'm already thinking about when will be trying for a girl ;) And in hopes of having a date night in the next century to see Catching Fire, May the odds forever be in our favor!

ahh blogging, feels good to be back.

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