Sunday, August 31, 2014

three really isn't that bad.

Now that we have our third kid, one of the first things people ask me is "so hows life with 3?" The second thing they ask is "are you going to try for a girl?"

I can see how people think having three kids, all three and under would seem like it's hard, almost impossible and most certainly exhausting... and yes, I would have to agree that some days are, but really it's not that bad. And to be  honest, just having two was harder.

When Hampton was born Hudson was 16 months old. 16 month olds are babies. not toddlers, babies. So life with two babies while living with your inlaws then moving into a 1100 square foot home and not even 6 months later moving 900 miles away to a completely new state away from all your friends and family... now thats hard. Depressing really.

But to be even more honest, having just one has and was probably the hardest. Because everything is so new. I mean I called the pediatrician because Hudson didnt poop for 4 days. Seriously. I filled the kiddie pool up with "luke warm" water from our sink carrying buckets of water through the house because the hose water was too cold. I sent an email out to family telling them not to come to the hospital even if they had the sniffles in fear of Hudson getting sick (now thats embarrassing to even admit).  Being a new mom is hard. It's like sitting in a calculus class looking at the syllabus for the year when you know "math" is totally not your thing. Its all a learning process and some days you fail and some days your just thankful for the curve the Lord gives out.

One thing i am learning is that most older moms can forget what it feels like to be a new mom.   I know the fears, I still have them. I know how exhausting it is, I'm still exhausted. I know how lonely it is, because I am alone. I pray on a regular basis that I never forget these days, because it really is easy to forget the bad and hold on to the good. And yes, I know we shouldn't dwell on the bad but I think its important to learn how to cope with the hard days especially when it could help someone else down the road and we all know more hard days are just around the corner.

So the next time you are around a new mom who is worried about her 2 month old sniffling, or doesn't understand why her son's poop is purple (personal experience), or is wondering if she will ever sleep again... dont just give her little smirk and make a "its only just a season" comment, listen to her, try your hardest to remember the nights you were up alllll night long with your kid running a fever and nothing would get him back to sleep... not even your boob. nothing.

Being a mom is hard, being a new mom is even harder. The great unknown, we only learn from experience and from what I experienced the more kids you have the easier it gets, more like "controlled chaos" and immune to the exhaustion ;). I mean look at Michelle Dugger, now that lady knows what she's doing. ;)

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