Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Letter L- Day 1

The Letter L

The Agenda for the week:

  • Verse: Matthew 5:16
  • Letter: Ll
  • Color: Yellow
  • Number: 1(one)
  • Sight Word: see
  • Song: This Little Light of Mine
  • Verse: "Let your light shine before men, so they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven" Matthew 5.18

(Hudson knows his letters, colors and numbers...for him it is more about writing them)

Okay, so I try to take as many pictures as I can, but for a lot of things I cant always have my phone out snapping pictures but I'll do my best to explain what we did. I have a binder that has my lesson plans in that I'll share in a future post. We are a book loving family so we read a lot of books. I'll only talk about the ones that we use in school in my "school" post. All the books we will use for school this week will either use an L word repetively or the word "see" a lot.

I have an old window frame above the yellow dresser that is sort of my "bulletin board."  I start out by pointing out everything on the board.  Which I'll share in my next post on how it is organized. Similar to this post on the Raising Rock Star site. I have these big letter cards that I got a consignment sale a couple years ago and they are wonderful, I'll try to remember to post a picture of them sometime in case you ever see any...grab them!

While I talked about what day it was Hudson traced the numbers on a calendar that has been laminated all the way to Tuesday the 13th. I always encourage him to write his name on everything he does and usually he will do it if I make the "tracing lines" other than that he usually will only do the H in his name. ;) Almost all our tracing handouts are laminated. I have this laminator that I got from target for $20, it works great and I use it A LOT!

the craft filing cabinet in the back is where their "boxes" are, they each have one and the boxes snap close. They are very durable. I got them from JoAnns. I used a 50% off coupon, a 20% off entire purchase coupon and then a $5 off your total coupon. So...i got them for around $30...originally $99 I believe. 

Hampton's activities do not "flow" like Hudson's do, he pretty much does a lot of random, busy activities. Here, his box was filled with 4 colored folders and colored blocks...he was suppose to match up the colors. Almost all his activities are related to shapes and colors. 

Here Hudson is getting ready for the Letter L. Learning how to draw straight lines. This handout came from the Raising Rock Star Curriculum. 

more L tracing
 The box after learning how to write the L, had a couple of books and Cd to listen to the song "This Little Light of Mine". The books we read were "I love you through & through", "Jesus Loves Me" & "My L Book."
His next box had his bible verse in it, a highlighter, a piece of construction paper, scissors and glue. He first had to highlight all the "L/l's" in the verse, then he cut out the verse and glued it on the paper.

Hampton's next box had "colored counters" in them, again to match up on the folders. He really never matched them up but loved putting the counters back in the container or inside the folder pockets. Made a mess but kept him busy. 

I love having them use these trays, especially if they don't want to sit at the desk or table. 

After reading books and singing the song (15 times ;) Hudson connected dots to create a Letter L, I cut it out, then placed dots on them, let him hole punch the marked dots, then he was able to "lace" the letter L with some yarn. Hampton liked the lacing part and coloring his letter L. 

Hudson Also had a sticker sheet that had letters on it, I had him find all the Ll's to decorate his Lacing L.

After lacing, we worked out our "legs" by doing "lunges" outside.  When we came inside the boys had a quick snack while we read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" This is when I introduced our first sight word, "see."

The whole time during school I'm always putting an emphasis on the letter L and the sound it makes. I have them make the  L sound a lot. Hampton loves doing this.

After lunges, we talked about what we learned today while they worked in their Wipe Clean books.

We move pretty quickly during our mornings and if something is boring for them I pretty much just move on. I encourage them and try to help but if they aren't feeling it then we just forget about it. I try to get them moving around a lot too. We start out in the school room at their desk, but then may shift to the floor, the kitchen table, or outside, then to the living room or on their bean bags etc. My kids do so much better when they are able to move around and not expected to just sit in one spot for 2 hours.

So that was Day 2 of school but our first day for the Letter Ll.

I'm sure I'm leaving a few things out since this actually took place almost 3 weeks ago but hopefully you get the idea! 

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