Monday, August 5, 2013

Farmers Market

We went to the Farmers Market this weekend in downtown Marietta. It wasn't as blissful as you see in the movies but we managed to have a pretty good time even though danny didnt let me buy a chicken. Seriously organic eggs are $4 a dozen surely its just cheaper to have your own chicken?! Especially a peach eating chicken!

if that doesnt scream georgia I dont know what does. a peach eating chicken, as my papa would say, "i haven't seen nothin like it since the war."

We forgot to pack the stroller so I had to wear hampton, is it weird that i love being a kangaroo? That would make an awesome halloween costume huh?  too far? maybe. 

Danny was on the search for the hottest peppers he could find along with some tomatoes in order to make some homemade salsa. That man is crazy in the kitchen yall, he watches way too many cooking shows. 

After picking up some peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, a dozen of eggs and a cantaloupe, we hung out in the square for a while! Hudson loves playing on this train and its a great place to just relax because there is so much shade! Great people watching too. ;) I told danny that I was almost certain that I could line up every kid there on one side and all the parents on another and match them up with who goes with who. Great game! 

Afterwards we headed back home for naps and salsa making (the dip not the dance). 

See all those veins in that green pepper? more veins mean more heat. yikes. 

The farmers market really was a great family trip! Looking forward to going back in a week or two! I love the idea of knowing exactly where our food comes from and knowing who grows and sells it! Really neat if you think about it! 

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