Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a long 23 minutes

Yesterday was an eventful day. For 23 minutes Hampton was locked inside our house, while Hudson and I were outside.

Ugh, just look at that little hand begging to be held. When Danny left for work yesterday he locked the bottom lock of the front door, but never actually closed the door. The boys and I followed him outside to watch him leave. Hudson loves watching danny drive away in his truck and danny is so sweet to always "beep" the horn, which causes a few giggles.  So if attitudes and the weather permit it, then we do it. Well, hampton could really care less about watching danny leave, instead he enjoys closing doors that are left open. 

Which leaves us to how my one year old got trapped inside our home. After danny left, Hudson and I stayed outside to water the plants and hampton played on the porch crawling in and out of the house. It is pretty typical for him to crawl in and shut the door and I just wait until he starts crying to go back and open it to let him back out. Well, when I went back to open it, the door was locked. I didnt immediately panic, I kind of figured there would just be another way in. But after surveying all my options, there was no way to get in without a key. Ugh, I would never make a good criminal. 

I called danny because well, he's always my life line and the father of the child who is locked in the house and for the obvious reason that he has another house key. He works about 35 minutes away. He was home in 23 minutes. I am almost certain there were no laws broken. This may or may not show how he would probably make the better criminal out of the two of us, just saying. 

For 23 minutes Hudson and I sang songs and tapped on the window & door for two reasons hampton would stay close and so that he would calm down. He never calmed down. And he didnt stay by the door. When we walked in he was at the top of the stairs just crying. I knew he was on the stairs just because how faint his cry was sounding, i could tell he was getting farther away. This made me super nervous. Him screaming and on the stairs, just not a good combination. 

But everything ended up just fine and one thing is for was blog worthy. ;) 

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