Sunday, September 14, 2014

Letter L (continued post)

I had planned for each unit to take us 3 days, however it took us 6 "school days" to finish up everything. Some days it was because we spent more time on something they enjoyed doing and other days it was cut short due to needing some attitude adjustments ;) Either way we finished. Something I remind my boys a lot, "we finish what we start.. even if we don't like it."  

We are currently finishing up letter H, I'm trying to get caught up so the blog coincides with what were doing presently but I keep getting behind! So forgive me if this seems a little unorganized... but hopefully you can at least pull some ideas for your kiddos to do at home!!

Above: Painting "lines" with q-tips on our letter Ll Printout is from the Jesus Loves Me site. 

Above: tracing "lids" with colored pencils. I find switching up things to color or write with helps keep them interested in writing. So we switch a lot from colors, markers, colored pencils, chalk etc.

Above: making patterns with colored counters. We use this little pocket chart a lot! Boys really like it. 

"Lacing" shoes. My mom sent me these.. really cute! 

Above: put a certain amount of stars in each square then gave him the number puzzle, He had to count the number of stars in each square & place the right number on the correct square. 

our Lion craft! We made this after reading "Lion's Speedy Sauce" and "Daniel and Lion's Den" from the Jesus Story Book Bible. To make the craft they painted the toliet paper role yellow with dot painters and roll painters. Used pipe cleaners for the legs, a paper cup cake holder for the face and yarn for the tail. 

Gave them popsicle sticks to paint yellow (our color of the week) and to make the letter Ll using their sticks. 

Tracing the letter L, print out is from Raising Rockstars and laminated. 

Above: busy activity using pipe cleaners

Above Hudson used the pocket chart and mini number flash cards (found in target dollar aisle) and placed numbers in order to the highest he could... 12! 

gave them paper to rip or cut up and then they glued the pieces of paper on the letter Ll

Above: all his pieces had to be in order...;) 

Cutting dotted lines. Letting Hudson cut has been a really calming down activity for him. So sometimes I give him a piece of paper and draw some lines for him to cut or an old magazine and have him cut out pictures he likes. 

Above: a cup of lacing beads and pipe cleaners labeled with a number  He had to place the correct number of beads on each pip cleaner. 

Was suppose to separate paper clips by numbers... he just played with them and linked some together. Typical hampton rarely does things the way I have planned out for him. 

And that my friends is a wrap of the Letter L! Next school post will be on the Letter T. 

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