Wednesday, June 19, 2013


yesterday hudson turned 2 1/2, we're half way through the two's and in my opinion he is sailing just beautifully. i'm glad i waited until now to write his two year old post because 6 months ago, my attitude and thoughts on him turning two would be slightly on the negative side (that might even be an understatement). but through a lot of prayer, time and patience he is the best two year old around who whole heartdly displays every aspect there is to being two.

He can follow directions with the best of them, and getting better & better at obeying with one "teachable moment" at a time ;) I am sometimes amazed at how much he understands, remembers and can do. I'm always telling myself..."if you teach them; they can learn" in my best Field of Dreams voice of course. He wants to know everything and how to do everything and he wants to do it himself. I am loving this age and the hunger he has for knowledge, the eagerness he has to just know and to do & to do it well.

He still is my awesome sleeper, though his afternoon naps are getting shorter with each month. Most days he still sleeps his normal 12-13 hours at night with a 2 hour afternoon nap. His whole daily schedule is like clock work and everything is so predictable with him, which i love. In the mornings after he wakes he comes to our bed and snuggles with us, which really is the best way to start for us all to start the day. Its also has been great for both of us to get time with just Hudson.

Right now we are in the middle of potty training, which i plan on doing a whole post later in giving my review on this three day method that we used, obviously since i said we are in the middle of potty training it has taken us much longer than 3 days but I am still glad we went this route. I will say he is 100% day time potty trained. We are still working on the night time but I had a feeling that would be the trickiest considering he sleeps so hard & so long.  I will say one thing, changing sheets twice a night is not fun...but being diaper free is marvelous.

Right now hudson knows his colors, shapes (even octagon?! ), and can count to 5. He has a serious issue with the number 3 and refuses to say it. He can count up to 2 objects, "one, two...Mommy two cars!" He knows the letters A, H, M & N...random I know but for some reason he has caught on to those letters.

2 and half years later and I am still madly in love with this little guy. I honestly believe the wold is a much better place with him in it! I love his desire to pray, how he will do absolutely anything for a ball and the look on his face when his daddy walks through the door.

like all moms, i feel like i could write an entire novel on my children but i guess thats what blogs are post at a time! 


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