Friday, June 14, 2013

three months in

So flash forward almost three months since we made the big move from Texas to Georgia and here we are still trying to decide where things should be hung, to paint the kitchen cabinets or not, and what to do with the front yard. Danny & I have tried really hard to be the best "do it your selfers" we possibly can and though we have run into a few road blocks we've come a long way. One day...probably when its time to move again I'll do a whole post over the before & after pics of our house. But for now wondering minds will just have to imagine that our home looks exactly like it could be in one of those better homes & garden magazines... insert wishful thinking hashtag here ;)

We are slowly falling in love with Georgia, or at least I hope we are. I mean honestly, whats not to love? Its beautiful, the logo is a peach and theres a chick fila on every corner. Oh and lets not forget its still the South ;) I'm not sure my southern texas accent roots could move anywhere else. Even my dad asked if anyone has said anything about how I talk? [what does that even mean, dad?] I honestly haven't noticed a huge difference in how people interact here except for when they are driving. Totally different story, these Georgians are some serious drivers and really unless its an emergency, or your out of chocolate you dont leave the house after 4:30 during the week. Yeah traffic is bad, everywhere, all the time, but really bad after 4. And no one waves, or lets you get over or gives you any space...they all drive crazy and aggressive, like my husband- except he's a professional driver, so his aggressiveness is smart and appropriate or so he argues says.

Yeah Georgia is pretty peachy (see what i did there?), have I mentioned how much we love our house and neighborhood? I spent several nights praying for this type of neighborhood and now here we are having play dates, planing cook outs, exchanging toys and even getting cookies from what i say is just an answer to pray. We haven't found a church home yet, but we have one that is in the running ;) Its not The Village and theres no Matt Chandler but its close...its pretty close in similarities; not mileage bc that would be lying. its not close at all. but good churches, good preachers, and good gospel are sometimes hard to find close by... apparently.

The boys are doing great and I will soon post an update on all things new with them but for now I'm going to wrap this up while I clean up the aftermath of lunch while my two little nuggets nap!

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