Friday, June 28, 2013

lets just flush this week down the drain.

we may be diaper free, but by no means are we accident free. potty training has literally gotten the best of me; along with this week as well. I really want to stick this past week and this potty training business ...

... you get the idea. 

I still plan on doing a full post on our potty training adventure but I'm waiting until next week because it will officially be a month since we started  doing multiple loads of laundry a day and cleaning up pee puddles on the stair case. So like I said, in a month I  should have a really good idea of what I really think of this miraculous 3 day method. 

I try really hard to not have those raging blog moments where I just sit here and vent to nobody, but lets face it, that is exactly how the guy who invented Facebook became a billionaire. So, I'll spare my humility and take my chances in order to maybe earn a buck or two.

My kids are crazy. 

Are yours?

Like for real, pterodactyl dinosaur crazy. (trust me that is spelt correct, i googled it, and google makes no error). i know my grammar & punctuation is terrible but i do try to get my spelling correct. 

i think my little dinosaures know i'm tired. like momma needs a straight 15 hours of sleep tired and not 4. my kids are great sleepers so its not their sleep habits that are keeping me up, its me and this potty training craziness and the hub's work schedule. Danny doesn't get home till after 10 from work, meaning he doesnt usually go to bed until closer to one, which means i dont go to sleep until closer to one and then I'm waking up multiple times a night to listen for hudson on the monitor and then waking him in the 6 o'clock hour to go pee...only to learn that every single morning, he is already wet. and so our mornings begin...on a lovely bed wetting morning almost every single day for the last 3 weeks. 

We. Are. Having. So. Much. Fun. 

my sweet, i wanna sit on mommys hip all day, hampton... has clearly made it known that he is definitely not a morning person. I'm pretty sure he cries from 7 until 9:30 every morning. he does stop crying to eat. but if it isnt eggs or oatmeal, with a side of banana then his whole day has just been ruined. i'm just going to pretend that he is probably just teething and his attitude has nothing to do with my lack of being an awesome mom. Though, I must say, there is one thing that is keeping him happy (besides myself) is this: 

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart! He pushes this thing around alllllll day long. Loves it. We got this from danny's parents this past Christmas and it has been such a great toy! Hudson loves it too but is more creative with what he puts in it;

(no one was injured in the making of this photo)

Love Melissa & Doug toys! Seriously the best, I mean this shopping cart is like the real deal! 

Ahh so thankful it is friday and so thankful that my children have no idea that they went to bed at 5. ;) Now who wants a glass of wine and a chocolate chip cookie?! (my hand is raised!)

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