Friday, June 21, 2013

just keep swimming

we pretty much live right across the street from the neighborhood pool, which i love for some many reasons but mainly bc there isnt a gi-nourmous bowl of water right outside my back door for my children to accidentally fall in to. man, so scary. i'm not a big swimmer, so swimming pools really aren't my thing and swim suits, well they aren't my favorite outfit to put together if you want my honest opinion (plan on blogging about swim wear here soon).

i definitely didnt grow up this way, my sister & i practically lived in our backyard pool from sun up till sun down and as we got older night time swimming by far was the best. but my parents will vouch for me as well, i never was a big swimmer much less a well trained swimmer. i  held my nose and doggy paddled my whole life and pretty much stopped getting into the deep end once i realized that doggy paddling and nose clipping looked slightly ridiculous as an adult. ahh so embarrassing. i can just hear Nemo's dad "just keep swimming" yelling  in my head right now.

But after hudson had swim lessons  last month while we were in texas I have been determined to get him in the water as much as i can, which means i have to get in the water. thats right, no laying out drinking a margarita, and sun bathing (who says sunbathing anymore) for this momma...its in the pool getting face splashed, kicked in the stomach and holding a one year old on my hip hoping his face is above water, repeatedly saying "kick hudson, kick hudson, now reach up, reach up, reach up" and then we sing "crab walk, crab walk, crab walk to a safe place" and side note: we are not at the pool alone, so there are usually other people around who are seeing these shenanigans going on.

going to the pool is not as relaxing as it once was... especially with two who cant swim and who both want to be in the water. i spend my whole time going back and forth like a yo yo between the two of them.  we usually only last about 30 to 40 minutes and then hampton and i are usually done. hudson could stay in there all day long unless he has to poop and then he wants to come home to poop in his own potty, gotta love a private pooper.

yesterday, we went to the pool with our neighbor friend natalie and her little girl, it was so interesting to watch the differences between boys and girls at the pool. sweet sophie,  in her cute lil ruffled tankini and floral floppy swim hat (seriously it was a floppy hat, so cute, i need a girl) would just dip her little feet in, sit by her mommy and then get out to have a snack and then back to putting her feet in- adorable and such a girl, loved it! my boys?!  hudson had to be in hampton's floating thing and kept kicking to get out into the middle of the pool, hampton kept trying to dive into the water head first, and when hudson wasn't in the floaty he was splashing everyone around him and stealing some else's ball and throwing it into the water.

i loved how after i had posted a picture of our first trip to the pool on instagram, my sister in law, was the only one to ask me how i managed with them both at the pool. its because she knows, she's got 4 kids and at one point she had 4 all under the age of 4. oh sweet sister of mine, i am the one who should be asking you how in the world do you manage?!

but we do, we manage, and we manage with a smile on our face and tan lines on our arms. And we will keep going, why? because i love the joy that it brings to these little boys of ours.

{all photos taken with my iPhone}

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  1. And YOU are doing an amazing job!! It is worth it for sure:)! Way to work hard and love well Amber:)