Tuesday, June 25, 2013

we went for a hike

A couple of weeks ago danny & i thought it would be a great idea to go hike up Kennesaw Mountain, with the boys of course, considering we have no baby sitter or any family members within an 800 mile radius are children come everywhere with us ;)

some great ideas last about 10 minutes into the idea and you realize it wasn't that great of an idea. we went hiking people. up a mountain. pushing a double stroller, with only two children's cups full of water and two granola bars (snacks for the precious cargo who apparently made it known that riding up the mountain was just as painful as hiking it). 

danny and i had to take turns pushing the stroller, if that gives you an idea of how hard it was. i think we were a little in over our heads,especially for me since I dont even remember the last time i worked out.  Kennesaw Mountain is always packed with people, I mean people are everywhere, we even had to park in the overflow parking...so we had always thought surely it isnt that bad?! Apparently, there are a lot of in shape people in Cobb County. There were a lot of twist and turns and every time you went around the curve you would think "I bet the top is coming up" and you would be wrong. There were no signs to let you know how much farther to go or anything like that...all you had was hope. I tried several times convincing danny that we just needed to turn around but he was clearly more motivated than i was. 
Reaching the top was somewhat of a let down momentarly, I was hoping there was going to be some kind of ice cream shop or even a huge cart of free water bottles. Big let down, but after checking out the view and seeing how far we had come it was pretty cool! Everything was just gorgeous! Hudsons favorite part was seeing the deer ,counting the trees (5 of them ), finding rocks, and saying "mountain" over and over. Hampton was wiggling to get out for me to hold him the whole way up and then eventually fell asleep on the way down. 

Going back down was a bit easier but you pretty much had to run down it because it's so steep. This made going down with the stroller very interesting. Both of our shins were killing us afterwards due to having to hold the stroller back from going so fast. All and all it was a sweet experience and hopefully we can start making it a weekly tradition considering its about 3 minutes from our house. What a great workout center! And its free! My favorite thing about it all was just being able to do something different & adventurous with my family! Really was a sweet time! 

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