Tuesday, June 25, 2013

tankini anyone?!

Just when i thought all the sales weren't going to show themselves until the fourth of july weekend... i stumbled upon an awesome deal this weekend! i have to give some major props to my hubs for taking me to the mall and strolling the boys around while i shopped; his only restrictions we start in Sears and eat at The Varsity for lunch. Little did I know, a magical moment would happen in sears. What you ask? All LandsEnd Swimwear 40%...plus once you got to the register it was an extra 55% off of that!!! Can anyone else hear the angels singing?! I was like in swim suit heaven. My mission was just to find a pair of black regular bottoms to go with majority of my tankinis.  i was wearing a black swim skirt, but it really wasnt working out anymore with the amount of times i had to get in & out of the pool with it always sticking to me and feeling so heavy. I always feel like buckets of water are falling off of me with that skirt.

So  tankinis were everywhere, which personally are my fav! Modest, fashionable, & comfortable! It seems as though the older I get the more I appreciate modesty. Don't get me wrong, when it just the hubs and I, I have no problem busting out my bikini, but around others it just makes sense to cover up a bit more. I love this presentation by Fashion Designer Jessica Rey, you should check this video out if you got 9 minutes to spare ;)

So sears (gosh you can believe it? sears? of all places?!), I got 3 pieces, which if they weren't on sale would of been close to over $140 (which would of been a lot of money on clothes in my world, considering i never buy anything over $12). I got them, tax included, for ,wait for it...$28 and some change! 28$ can you believe that?! These aren't the best photos of them but here at the two tops I got!

So thats my deal of the day! if your needing a new swim suit I highly recommend LandsEnd Swimwear,  which you find at Sears, you can look online, but I promise they look so much better in person! Which doesn't always happen, so I'm thinking they may need to work on their online layout or something. Anywho, some other places that have really cute yet modest swimwear are:

1) Lime Ricki Swimwear

2) Rey Swimwear 

3) Divinita Sole

I also think everynow & then you can find something cute at the obvious places like Old Navy, Khols, and my favorite Target...but you risk the chance of someone else having that same suit ahhhh! torture! kidding. who cares?!

Speaking of Target! Went there today for a new floor lamp and saw that they had their swim wear on sale buy one get one half off!! yes, I tried on 4 things...and had 2 in my basket but after I strolled around I eventually put them back. Having them in my cart for just that 5 minutes was a sweet relationship though. however, come August when those babies are on the 50% off rack...i'm there! ;)

I got this one last week and I'm loving it! It ties around the neck the back, which you usually dont find on tankinis! Helps make sure everything stays in place ;)

Well after Bathing suit shopping, i had to hold up to my end of the deal...by eating hotdogs ;)

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