Thursday, June 20, 2013


Last month, gosh has it already been a month? my littlest turned one while we were visiting in Texas. I'm refusing to believe he is one and will stay my 9 month old forever ;) hampton is by no means a one year old haha...he isn't walking, he isn't standing alone, he isnt talking, he still takes two sometimes three naps a day, and the child loves pureed food, preferably in a pouch. he is my baby through and through and i am totally loving it.

hampton spends most of his time sneaking up the stairs when no one is watching, following me around, hanging on my leg and escaping his brothers desire to wrestle with him. im almost certain he could stare at me all day long and be perfectly content.

Like his brother, he is an amazing sleeper thanks to Baby Wise sleep training method. However, Unlike his brother, hampton was not a "some babies are just born good sleepers" baby. he was awful, but with a lot of training by 11 weeks my hampster was sleeping his 12 hours at night straight. no feeds, no changes, no reswaddling...12 hours straight. I love you babywise.

hampton lights up our whole family. he is such a sweet addition to it. his smile is contagious and his snuggles are hard to resist, even when loads of laundry need to be done, but i'm a firm believer that when your kid wants to snuggle you drop everything your doing and by golly you snuggle. 

he's a little guy (yes, the rolls can be a bit deceiving), but nothing we didnt already expect and though he's almost 13 months old he is still wearing mostly 6/9 month old clothes. his top two teeth have been trying to make their appearance for almost a month now to join his only other two bottom teeth. I'm really giddy about those two front teeth coming in, they sure do make for super cute smiles. 

hampton grey you are so special in so many ways. you have stolen my heart this past year. thank you lord for this precious little guy, and all the joy he brings. 

thankful for a mommas boy ;)


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