Monday, July 1, 2013


our little hamptons personality is coming out more & more everyday and its just so funny yet at the time is a bit frustrating (for the both of us). being one really is rough. he cant walk and he cant talk, yet he has a lot to say and he's definitely got places to go. i have a hard time keeping up with this ones demands when they are basically "hey you, mom person, can you pick me up and take me up there to get that one thing that we were playing with yesterday." let me get right on that son. ;)

he really is so funny though and he is very good at getting himself into some strange predicaments.

you most certainly cannot tell this baby no. 

totally unedited photo. straight out of the camera and still look at those eyes. seriously how do you not pick this child up and hold him? ugh you just have to. you just dont say no to that face. 

oh hampton, stay as little and squishy for as long as you want my son. 

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