Saturday, July 13, 2013

38 days later

38 days ago we started the famous 3 Day Potty Training method, for 38 days my husband & i changed pajamas, underwear, blankets, crib sheets, mattress covers and pillows 2-3 times a night. Tonight is night 38 and our sweet two & half year old son finally went to bed with a pull up on. Doctors orders. This momma will finally (hopefully) get a full nights rest with the only interruption being to tell her husband to flip over to his tummy in order to stop his snoring.

I really have nothing against Lora Jensen's 3 day potty training method, in fact, I'll probably use it again with Hampton. I liked the method and I liked her approach, the only think I felt was lacking from her method was "the what to do after the 3 days." I read her e-book 47 times and I still am wondering "what do i do on day 38?" But regardless, I will confidently say that Hudson is most certainly day time potty trained as long as you stay on him ;) I am worried that by putting him in a pull up at naps and night will cause him to regress but I suppose only time will tell.

The final straw in my decision to throw the towel in on Lora's recommendations for night time was when she advised me to take Hudson to the doctor and to put a devise on his underwear that alerts him during the night when he is wet. I wish I had a photo of my face when I saw the gadget she wanted me to stick on my two year olds penis. I was floored to say the least. She told me that it was very unusual for the amount that Hudson was peeing and that she was very concerned. Of course I went straight to google. Turns out a sign of diabetes is urinating excessively due to drinking excessively...(insert rapid heart beat here).

I'm not sure if other moms are like this or if its just me, but I am so amazed at how quickly my mind went into thinking something awful could be wrong with my son just because he pees the bed at night.  I feel like I am queen of diagnosing, I almost always know what the doctor is going to say before they say it...because of my awesome googling that is. I am the text book definition of that person that goes straight to the internet and has absolutely no problem believing what the internet says. So after all my googling, I started a pee/poop journal for Hudson for two days. I wrote down how often he was peeing, pooping, what he was eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up wet etc. Gathered all my information and called our pediatrician back in Texas. I knew what she would say.

As most of you know, our pediatrician in Texas is a holistic pediatrician. My kids have never been on antibiotic and each of them have only been in for one sick visit a piece. She never freaks out about an illness and always wants to get to the root of the problem instead of offering a band aide fix.  Seriously, thats like her motto, "no band aid fixes here!" We love Dr. Bain, we miss Dr. Bain...move to Atlanta Dr. Bain?! I knew Dr. Bain was not going to be concerned and I was a little nervous even to call, I even told the nurse and the sectretary "I know this may sound crazy but the potty lady said to call" for the record, i know for a fact that secretary thought I was crazy.

The nurse however, who I talked to first, was a bit concerned after I told her that Hudson is peeing pretty much every 2-3 hours around the clock and has less than 28 ounces of liquids a day (milk and water only). She even asked if Diabetes ran in our family (i knew where this convo was going because i had already done my research). After 21 questions she told me she or Dr. Bain would call me back. You know its bad when the doctor calls you back.

A couple hours later the nurse called me back, (thats a good sign) she said, I kid you not "Dr. Bain has no concerns with Hudson's health whatsoever, put him in a pull up at night and stop waking him up...he just isn't ready to be night time trained. ";) Exhale. Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus. The nurse did go on to say if we wanted we could test his sugar levels by getting some urine strips at our local pharmacy. I hung up the phone, loaded the boys up and headed to walgreens.

His sugar levels are completely normal. All in all the kid just pees a lot. I'm gonna go out on the limb and say he may or may not be getting this from his father. ;) just saying.

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