Tuesday, July 30, 2013

choo choo part 2

This past Saturday we went back to the train museum for the Railroad Rendezvous! Once again, there were trains everywhere,But this time there were electric trains that the kids could run themselves.
There were crafts, that you thought were kid friendly until your two year old decides to swat at people with his. 

we got to see parts of the museum that we didn't see last time. 

we even broke some laws and played on the train tracks. 

afterwards we headed under the train and into the tunnel to eat at the new burger place, BurgerFi! All vegetarian fed beef, all natural burgers, no additives and all that jazz.  It was super yummy and the place was so cute! We sat outside on the patio because really that is where we always opt to sit if the weather allows it because lets be honest...tantrums outside are so much better than indoors. 

I think we both decided that this is now our new favorite burger place, which really is a lot for me to say since i rarely eat hamburgers. I also couldn't help but notice that the burger you actually got looked exactly like the picture advertised. You wont find that at Burger King.

Hampton once again missed out on his morning nap and about two minutes of putting him in the car he was out like a light. All that strolling around must of really worn him out ;)

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