Monday, July 29, 2013

choo choo part one

I'm a boy mom. When your whole day is filled with trains, balls, rocks and more trains... you accept the fact that painting nails and tea parties just aren't going to happen. With that said, I love being a boy mom. I was made to be a boy mom that is for sure.  I can do low key, I can do low maintenance, I can do dirt and most days I can do high energy. ;)

This past week and again this weekend we went to The Locomotive History Museum.  After two trips in one week, we are officially decided to become members of train museum! On Thursday we went to the "Mommy & Me" class because the theme was "Thomas the Train" and though Hudson has never even watched one episode of Thomas the Train we read a lot of the books. Actually we read the same 3 every single night, along with "The Little Engine that Could." Has anyone read that classic? It's kinda lengthy for a two year old and pretty repetitive for a 28 year old but my son, the book & train lover, sits still with his little head resting on my shoulder the whole time. 

So once we got to the Mommy & Me class I quickly learned that these classes have been designed for 3-5 year olds and my children made sure to make themselves as well as their ages known. Hudson was so excited during the class and while all the other kids sat quietly on the rug listening to the teacher he kept getting up and running/skipping back to me while holding "himself." Apparently all the excitement made hudson have to pee... three times. 

 After "circle rug time" the teacher announced the kids would be moving to the back of the classroom to work on a craft and they would need to grab a pair of scissors and a bottle of glue. Umm hold the phone... there is no way I'm giving my children scissors and a bottle of glue. I have a very scarring memory of a little boy putting glue all in my air in the first grade. Thank you Allen Conly for that by the way, my hair is still recovering. So in order to escape the torture of crafting we headed to the Museums Jolly Education room aka room for even the littlest of train lovers.

My Hudson was in absolute heaven. I have never seen him so into something, so intense, so focused.

 (I spy a hampton)

Hampton had no problem making himself at home too. He was quiet the train enthusiast himself. 

In other area they had this awesome crawl area! And even more Trains!

After playing conductor for over 2 hours, I finally convinced Hudson that we probably should leave to go eat lunch. But once we were outside I had forgotten about the park right outside! 

of course we had to play!

The Boys were sooo worn out, hampton actually skipped lunch and took an almost 3 hour nap, I kept hudson up thru nap and put him to bed at 5:45, he was out by 6:05 and both slept till 8 the next morning. I call that a pretty successful day!  I highly recommend taking your little boys here, it was perfect for mine in so many ways! Indoors, free to roam, kid friendly, toddler friendly, baby friendly, surrounded by cute little restaurants (more on that next time) and educational!

Tomorrow I'll write about our Saturday trip when we went back to the museum for the Railroad Rendezvous! Good times here in Kennesaw, GA!

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