Thursday, July 25, 2013

Say yes! to green thumbs & movie nights!

This past week, my very best friend of almost 15 years was proposed to, and my heart could just burst with joy for her! I am so anxious to get this wedding planned, to facetime her while she's dress shopping and to list all the pros & cons of bands vs dj's! I am so overly giddy to talk weddings instead of analyzing why my 2 year old still wets the bed or why my 14 month old refuses to stand on his own much less take a step. So with that said, Ive already gotten 3 phone calls this week from the bride to be and I must say that my masters in counseling is finally paying off ;) All jokes aside, this is going to be the best wedding ever! Congratulations Amelia, I'm already working on my speech!

Besides proposals and wedding coordinating advising we finally got our front yard done even though it probably looks worse than what it did. The thing about landscaping is you have to wait 6 months to a year to know if what you did was a complete fail or job well done. were clearly hoping for the latter.  One thing i learned after digging through rock solid clay that was filled with random roots and onions (seriously we have found tons of onion roots in our front yard, is that not the strangest thing?) is those knee pads you always see in the gardening section next to the flower printed gloves and pink hand held shovels are no laughing matter. After about 5 minutes of planting our begonias, i was desperately wanting a cute polka dot knee pad thing which is probably on the clearance aisle at hobby lobby. 

i might have also failed to mention that this was my first time to ever plant anything in the ground. i know what you all are thinking "she's growing up so fast."

see? like i said, it still looks bad, but just imagine grass where all the dirt is, those green splots (made up word) also known as pinwheel gardenias, will eventually turn into 3 feet wide shrubs, below the window will someday be a 5 foot wide purple (danny insisted we get purple) crate mytle bush and then that little christmas tree look alike on the end will be about 7 ft tall ;)

right as we were finishing it up, it started raining, which i guess is a good thing after you've planted so much, but not that great of a thing for the pizza delivery guy or for the family waiting for the pizza delivery guy ;) .  we all played and ran around in the rain! the boys loved it! they both couldnt stop laughing. it was one of those family moments that would never be caught on instagram so i can only hope that the Lord will place that image in my slideshow of life when I get to heaven. I did however get a picture of how we are always a "safety first" kind of  family. 

that night we had family movie night, it was hamptons first time to join movie night! you could tell he was pretty pumped about it. It was also Hudson's first time to watch a full length movie, usually movie night for him would of just been an episode of Barney or Thomas the Train. Movie of choice: Kung Fu Panda, only because it was the only cartoonish movie we had recorded. 

Hampton did great until he ran out of popcorn. Hudson was glued to the tv until about the 45 minute mark...and proceeded to turn the air mattress into a trampoline.

well thats a wrap, from proposals to gardening to air mattresses... your not going to find that kinda of blogging anywhere else. ;)

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