Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our 4th of July

I sort of jumped the gun on the fourth of july this year, i dressed the boys in their red, white & blue attire the weekend before instead the weekend after. Clearly I was wrong in this decision based on no one else being dressed like uncle sam, but when holidays fall in the middle of the week it just throws me off. Regardless the boys got to wear their flag bow ties to church last week even though hampton's didnt make it out of the car and i never got a picture of it.  So just imagine little flags sitting below their chins, your exactly right, they didnt look that cute...but they did look festive and that was the whole point.

So I dont know if you guys know this or not, but it has rained almost every day for the past  3 weeks. Though I have no problem with the rain, it definitely puts a damper on things. I feel like I live in Seattle. I think. I've never been to Seattle but I've seen Sleepless in Seattle several times and I'm pretty sure they talk about how it rains a lot there...and as my husband always tells me "its just a known fact." Literally, I think he tells me this in conversation almost everyday, "Its just a known fact, Amber." I learn so much from that man. So with all the rain, our july 4th plans were cancelled, we were suppose to go to the parade in downtown Marietta, so with no pun intended (well maybe a little bit intended) the weather definitely rained on our parade. The evening before we were suppose to go to a little festival that was going on in downtown Kennesaw, but again it was raining. Instead we taught Hampton how to "praise the Lord."

hudson ate corn on the cob and then decided to join in on the fun

Thursday morning we had to regroup and figure out a plan B since everything was cancelled.

So, we did what all normal families do when their holiday plans get rained on, we loaded up the car and strutted our red, white & blue attire straight into Lowes.
When you buy a home, especially a foreclosure home, you spend a lot of time at Lowes or home depot but we like lowes better maybe its their color scheme?Anyway, we go to lowes a lot, like once a week at least.  Something always needs fixing, repairing, or redoing. Our Lowes trip was fun (yes Lowes can be fun), after hudson accepted the fact that umbrellas are for outdoors only. On that note, can someone get this kid an umbrella? He loves them. After Lowes, we ate out at Chilis because it was raining and grilling out wasn't going to happen and i really wanted their grilled chicken sandwhich . Have I mentioned that this entire day i could not stop sneezing? It was crazy. and embarrassing. I sneezed so much that Hudson caught on to saying "bless you mommy" after every sneeze. Out of control.  But then again, if it takes a sneeze for someone to pour blessings on you, I say sneeze away.

After we got home, the boys napped while Danny and I did house stuff. We still cant get our cars in our garage so he worked on organizing the garage and I worked on the dining room table. Once the boys woke up I wanted to get their picture, ya know just to document the holiday and what not. And because there was so much pressure on facebook and instagram to post a "we love america" pic of your kids, so obviously i had to join. Here was my first attempt to get a pic of the two of them:

hmm. not what i was going for. 

Plan B (we do a lot of "Plan B's). Pull out the big guns... and by big guns I mean put a chair in our back yard and have danny make the smile. 


3 things: 1) Hampton thinks danny is really funny. 2) Putting hair gel in hamptons hair only made it look even more crazy 3) Hudson had to poop.

Happy Fourth of July! 

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