Wednesday, July 3, 2013

our weekend

i know its already wednesday but lets pretend like its monday so i can be on top of my game when blogging about our weekend.

so sometimes danny's work schedule does have some perks with him going in at noon on Friday and Monday, it kinda feels like we get a 4 day weekend with him. Though by 5'clock on Friday I do start to struggle and were usually eating ab&j (almond butter & jelly sandwhiches) or as in last nights case scrambled eggs. and yes i realize last night was not friday and we're suppose to be pretending like today is monday so that would of made last night sunday which typically means were grilling out but regardless we had scrambled eggs on a tuesday night. wow, that was confusing. and to make things even more confusing this past weekend was suppose to be dannys birthday. I say "suppose to be" because his birthday was during the week last week and we all know during the week birthdays are not any fun so we were going to pretend his birthday was on the weekend. I know it sounds like we do a lot of pretending but i promise we are as real as it gets though i have been doing a lot pretending to be a bowling alley manager (my kids like to bowl).

oh my goodness so we are way off track now. see, this is why you teach you kids not to lie.

i had been asking danny for weeks (really days, but weeks sound more thoughtful) what he wanted to do for his birthday. I had planned on us going to a Braves Baseball game but after a lot of consideration we both agreed that would probably end up badly having to take both our kids. Seriously, number one reason you dont want to move away from have no baby sitter that you trust 110% to be alone with your children in your home. So no baseball game. Finally, this past thursday night Danny came into the kitchen (because thats where i'm always at, either cooking in it, cleaning it, or sneaking chocolate) and told me what he wanted to do for his birthday weekend.

 "I'm going to be build us a table."

I had to pour a glass of wine and sit down. Who in the world wants to build a table on their birthday? Of course I didnt ask that, I ran to the computer and showed him what I wanted some options of tables that had tutorials on how to build them. We both agreed that Miss Mustard Seeds farm house tutorial was the best looking and gave the best instructions. Oh for the longest time Ive wanted a farmhouse table. So Friday Morning he went to Lowes to get the materials and then Saturday morning in a little under 2 hours made a table! I am so excited to get this thing finished and into our dining room! Heres the condition that it is in right now!

i'm working on a walnut stain color for the top and then plan on painting the bottom in Miss Mustard Seed's Linen Color Milk Paint. I havent quiet figured out this whole staining thing yet so thats whats keeping us from moving forward, just been practicing on scrapes of wood. So if you have any advice that would awesome!!

So hopefully by next weekend I'll be able to post the final product! We shall see. 

While danny and hudson were table making, Hampton and I got to run a lot of errands! We went to target (duh), home goods, world market and bed, bath & beyond. I was out shopping for some wall decor and and an entry way table and this is what I came home with:

a giant inflatable bowling set. four bucks at bed, bath & beyond and totally worth it. the boys love it! 

Sunday we went to Passion City Church in Atlanta again, we were 15 min late because we missed our exit and then the traffic to get into the church was crazy slow. We ended up having to park in the over flow parking and took a shuttle. The boys loved riding the "bus!" Hampton screamed when we dropped him off in baby room and I could still hear him crying even outside of the children's area. My last words dropping him off were "he'll be fine as long as you hold him!" famous last words no sitter of any kind wants to hear. But they were as sweet as can be and hampton was definitely being held when I came back to get him. We really do love this church, it has everything that we are looking for in a church...but it is a 35-40 minute drive (50 if you miss an exit). And Christ Tomlin leads praise worship, though he obviously isnt there majority of the time and though yesterday (bc remember today is monday) he was there but we were about 20 minutes late so we missed majority of him leading. We did however get to hear him sing Happy Birthday. womp womp,

After church, since we were in Atlanta, we decided to try out some restaurant that danny had seen on the show man vs. food, called The Vortex. We walked up in our casual sunday best, with our two babies holding on to their  air plane mini backpacks with matching bow ties when a tattooed, heavy eye liner waitress, dressed all in black wearing a skirt that she for sure didnt wear to church informs us that you must be 18 or older to enter. eek. this made me super nervous. So we settled for 5 guys & fries instead. Which was totally fine with me because I think they have the best hamburgers anyway...take that Vortex! Note to self: research food places that your husband sees on tv. 

After burgers & grilled cheeses, we came home and all took naps. Seriously we all crashed. best family nap time ever. 

That evening,  we went down the street and had some barbecue with a few of our neighbors! The boys played in the water, sand box and swing set. hudson peed in their yard. I call that a successful night at the neighbors. 

thats our weekend wrap up! you know it was fun when you didn't even have time to take any pics! =)

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