Friday, July 19, 2013

Mountain Biscuits

Right down the street from us is a little old house that is actually a little breakfast/brunch place. We pass it all the time and since we've moved here have been dying to go check it out. It is always crowded, mostly with mountain hikers since its practically right by Kennesaw Mountain, but also with tourist. I actually got that last part from the online site Urban Spoon after I googled it, because really how would I know who goes there if I've never been there. I like to know where and what I'm eating before I agree to go, it really does save a lot of time, and arguments last minute change of plans. I may or may not have a really bad habit of staring at menus in hopes to figure out what is the best option for us to get as a family in order to not over spend or over eat. Danny is the complete opposite, he wants to order quickly, not ask any questions, make no extra request and eat whatever they bring him. We balance each other out quiet well I must say. ;)

So after figuring out what we all would order, I suggested to Danny that we should go try out Mountain Biscuits one morning! He was totally on board until I told him we would have to go pretty much right when the boys woke since they would want breakfast ASAP. Are our kids the only ones who wake up starving?! After letting him know how awesome all the internet reviews were he was all in! Danny is such a sucker for different types of restaurants, especially any place that has been featured on the Food Network, where as I am all about the chains! Take me to a chilis or red lobster and I am one happy momma! But mountain biscuits seemed promising...

Morning came, and with just a few minutes after 8 we were all loaded up in the car headed to the little white biscuit house! It was seriously just as awesome as we expected! We went inside built our own biscuits and went outside to sit out on the picnic tables! The weather was perfect even though it was expected to rain...again... have i told y'all how much its raining here?! I'm pretty sure were going on week 4 of cloudy and/or rain daily. Seriously this Texas girl is kinda missing that 102 weather, I may regret saying that, but really, whats with all the rain?!  Thankfully we missed the rain that morning and really enjoyed a nice family moment eating some huge homemade biscuits! Danny got a sausage biscuit, I got a chicken biscuit and the boys shared an egg biscuit with some berries that I brought for them. They loved it!

Oh and if your wondering I got their outfits at Target for $2.50 a piece. Cannot beat a $5 outfit that comes with pinstriped shorts. Just saying. 

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